Consumer-based quality testing

CtrlTaste is cloud-based, subscription software designed for consumer-focused quality testing in a production environment, allowing you to scale your operations while preserving the integrity of your product. We do the heavy lifting for you so that you can feel confident that your customers are delighted time-after-time.

CtrlTaste App Screens

Simple, Yet Powerful Features

Access Ready-to-go Pass/Fail Quality Tests

Simply set your targets and define your criteria product-by-product with our Pass/Fail testing that is purpose built for quality testing, with best practices baked in.

Quickly Catch Any Product Issues

Quickly catch and fix costly mistakes before you ship out product, saving you time, money and negative customer experiences.

Go Paper Free with Data Storage in the Cloud

Go green, reducing paper and inefficiencies, while also allowing for better collaboration and oversight.

Manage Workflows Across Any Device

CtrlTaste is cloud-based and accessible across any device or platform - mobile, tablet, desktop, Mac or PC - connected to the internet.

View Historical Records

See the history of testing across products and panelists to uncover patterns and pre-empt any issues.

Reduce Training Time

Expedite on boarding and maintain performance and knowledge of judges to ensure the accuracy of testing.

Enjoy Simple and Clear Reports

View beautiful and clear data reports and quickly and efficiently send them to team members and stakeholders.


Compusense® – Innovation built on a strong foundation

In 1986, Dr. Chris Findlay founded Compusense® in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He was inspired by what he saw as a clear demand for computerization of sensory analysis as a tool to accelerate the product development cycle.

Drawing on 20 years of industry, research and academic experience, Chris established Compusense® with a commitment to promote sound scientific sensory methods delivered in user-friendly software products and exceptional customer service. His dedication to strengthening the field of sensory and consumer science has guided the growth of three main business units: Sensory Evaluation Software, Sensory Services, and Support and Training.

Inspiring innovation around the world

From day one, Compusense® has maintained a global focus. We serve clients in over 50 countries on five continents – and in 25 languages.

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