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CtrlTaste is built on decades of expertise in sensory and consumer science. We're serious about customer-based quality testing, but we can have fun geeking-out, too.

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Created by Compusense®, a worldwide leader in sensory and consumer testing, CtrlTaste helps you deliver the consistent experience your customers crave.

CtrlTaste, the newest member of the Compusense® family, will assist food businesses in managing their consumer-based quality testing efforts easily.

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What Makes Flavor, Flavor?20190605194636

What Makes Flavor, Flavor?

June 5, 2019
Flavor is a multi-sensory experience, which means it’s not just about our taste buds. From visual cues to physical mouthfeel sensations, there are so many different variables that simultaneously contribute to the flavor of the food we eat or the beverages we drink. It can therefore be very difficult to determine how to provide a […]
Maintaining Taste Consistency While Scaling Your Food Business20190207045428

Maintaining Taste Consistency While Scaling Your Food Business

February 7, 2019
Are you caught between the positive growth of your business while struggling to deliver the experience your customers fell in love with in the first place? Then read on!
A brief history of food quality20190206160117

A brief history of food quality

February 6, 2019
The food testing field is now a scientifically rigorous practice where panels of highly trained individuals are tasked with quality maintenance rather than thwarting a “murder by poison” attempt, but getting here was no easy journey!
A Practical Guide to Consumer-Based Quality Testing20190129174849

A Practical Guide to Consumer-Based Quality Testing

January 29, 2019
As you scale your production, you also scale your risk of mistakes being made. Any change in temperature or substitution of an ingredient can shift the sensory experience altogether. Not paying attention to this could result in shipping products that aren’t up to the high standards your customers have grown to expect.