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You’ve created an experience your customers love. Ensure their expectations are exceeded every time with CtrlTaste, the consumer-based quality software you can count on.

Why CtrlTaste?

Most consumers (rightfully) assume the products they buy already meet safety standards, but they judge quality by a different metric: their sensory experience.

This includes qualities such as taste, smell, texture, appearance, sound and more. These qualities create the delightful experiences you’ve carefully crafted. They’re also the qualities that CtrlTaste helps you test.

CtrlTaste is cloud-based, subscription software designed for consumer-focused quality testing in a production environment, allowing you to scale your operations while preserving the integrity of your product. We do the heavy lifting for you so that you can feel confident that your customers are delighted time-after-time.

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How CtrlTaste Can Help You

Formalize Testing ProcessesCtrlTaste has the processes in place to save you time, create consistency, and allow you to scale effortlessly.
Reduce Training TimeExpedite on boarding and maintain performance and knowledge of judges to ensure the accuracy of testing.
Simplify Record KeepingMove your test results into the cloud, reducing paper and allowing for better collaboration.
Catch Issues QuicklyThe ease and efficiency of testing will help you catch any quality issues before they reach your customers, saving you time, loss of customer trust and money.
Effortlessly Scale AnalysisKeep track of your data history, for a birds-eye view of your entire operation.
Delight Your CustomersYour customers love your product for a reason. CtrlTaste helps you sustain their trust and enjoy the growth.


CtrlTaste is built with the incredible experience and reputation of Compusense®.
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